June 17, 2021
The apps that help us get together and socialize
We tend to live busy lives where there is no room for genuine conversations, social interactions, warm get-togethers and hearty in-depth сonversations — the things that make our lives fuller and more complete. Communication deprivation can be soul-destroying leading to real hazards and negative aftermath: people suffer from depression, abandonment and loneliness, which sometimes can be truly deadly and suffocating: you can be lonely even not being alone, just not feeling the right vibes around.

Online texting and chatting can’t be a real substitution of a real tet-a-tet making you revel in your own illusions. Still, it helps you find YOUR people around who can become your rock and support. This is indeed what everyone craves and needs regardless gender, age, status or position. We all seek acknowledgement, understanding and, sometimes, a shoulder to cry on.

Some people are also seeking acknowledgement and eager to contribute to make a change. The platforms that help in finding devotion and life direction are also in high demand these days.

At the moment there are a lot of apps at the market which help us socialize, build bonds and close-knit friendships. Magora also contributed to development of some cool socialization apps.

BioSpheare is a truly cool project. It helps overcome the fear of socialization. Sometimes people may feel awkward breaking the ice in the social environment with other people. This new kind of social media application enables users to access information and message users nearby by means of SDK powered by Bluetooth and Wi-FI-P2Pkit.
This proximity-based social network offers a great solution in helping people to communicate and socialize better: it allows you to view personal details about the people around and break the ice.

The app functionality is simple. You can easily authorize with email. Then it is time to create a comprehensive profile where name, talking point, user portrait and bio are displayed. You are also able to manage broadcasts (this is stories); view users nearby; view nearby user’s profile; other user’s broadcasts and chat with users.
It works exclusively on iOS.

It is a daily social planning tool with the main purpose of creating the scheduled events and inviting friends to participate. The app is designed to be simple, yet very functional. It helps organize your time, plan events and stay in the loop effortlessly. You can create an account by using an email or login with Facebook or Linkedin.

Laconic user profiles contain only a photo and the most essential information, and nothing extra: an activity feed, a calendar with planned events, a tab with your own events, an editable list of friends, notifications and settings.
It works exclusively on iOS.

A collaborative marketplace for social change that enables users to take part in meaningful projects.
In a nutshell, this is a project management web platform for initiatives aimed at better social and economic impact. AccessFacility automates the whole process of global projects development: grants, funding, volunteers, communication and execution.
The website is already serving as a platform for the worldwide growth of the organizations. The platform just makes world a better place.

All these modern advancements are vital and indicate the progress that never stops. They do make our life better, more comfortable, make us adapt and be more well-adjusted. Still, they can't be a 100% replacement for offline face-to-face heart-to-heart in-depth conversations.

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