July 21, 2021
Flutter has it all
What kind of beast is Flutter and how it can be served?
There are many different definitions for the term "flutter," including "agitation," "beating," "flapping," and "vibrating." Indeed, the term may be defined in a variety of ways.
But, in the realm of technology, what does Flutter mean?

What is Flutter?
Flutter is a cross-platform UI toolkit that allows apps to communicate directly with underlying platform services while allowing code reuse across operating systems such as iOS and Android. Since its inception, Flutter has evolved to more than a cross-platform framework, it’s become something more.

Flutter has developed into a all-round solution that provides us with everything we need to create iOS and Android apps.

With Flutter, we start from the ground up, rather than translating code. Even though there are a lot of alternatives to Flutter on the market, it's still difficult to evaluate and contrast them.

How does Flutter work?
It enables developers to create high-performance apps that run smoothly across many platforms. Flutter apps operate in a VM (virtual machine) during development, allowing for a swift reload of changes without requiring a full recompile.Flutter apps, are compiled directly to machine code for release, whether Intel x64 or ARM instructions, or to JavaScript if targeting the web.

This framework is free and open source, it's a vibrant ecosystem that complements and enhances the core library functionality.

What makes Flutter stand out from the crowd?
Several blocks form the Flutter framework:
The layer model:
These are the pieces from which the multi-layered Flutter system is built. The system is made up of a number of separate libraries, each of which is dependent on the underlying layer. No layer has direct access to the layer below in the system, and every component of the framework is meant to be replaceable. Flutter apps have the same architecture as any other native app.

A platform-specific embedder provides the access point. It communicates with the operating system to provide access to services such as accessibility, input, and so on.
The embedder:
A unique component written in a language that is appropriate for the platform: currently Java and C++ for Android, Objective-C/Objective-C++ for iOS and macOS, and C++ for Windows and Linux.
At the core of Flutter is the Flutter engine, which is mostly written in C++ and supports the primitives necessary to support all Flutter applications.

We're proud of the Flutter-based products we've created
The LKDS project (https://lkds.net/) is built on Flutter for both iOS and Android.
This software is a one-of-a-kind gem that has no comparables and is completely unique. We developed an app for a lift manufacturer that allows us to track the status of the lifts, traffic, and the number of lift starts and stops, among other things.

Flutter, like every other platform, has its limitations but it continues to evolve and grow. With this fantastic tool, you'll be able to increase rather than limit your technical horizons.

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