March 10, 2021
Magora recent products reviews
Every reputable and respected company has a good portfolio in its domain. So does Magora. At Magora we are very product-centered, this is one of our key fundamentals, this is our PHILOSOPHY. We truly believe that the right product development strategy and the proper process alignment are the key points from the very beginning. We are fully convinced that the right strategy and the properly defined product scope are the binding components of a successful product rather than software itself.
The market competition is hard these days. And it is getting harder with the lapse of time. Unfortunately or…. fortunately. The competition itself gives a major creativity boost urging everyone (let alone companies) to achieve the highest standards, quality and goals.
There are some unarguably amazing products that do stand out.
First things first. Let’s dig deeper and discuss the products that can indeed grasp your attention.
GoFjords is a companion app for travelers who take trips across the fjords. Your best buddy ever.
To be more precise, GoFjords is a travel company that offers bus and boat tours across Norwegian fjords. The GoFjords mobile app enables users to view their itinerary, listen to their travel guide, track points of interest on a map, purchase additional activities and provide feedback during their tour. Measurable impact of the resulting solution includes increase in clients, client engagement and positive reviews. And first and foremost –the convenience. That is the key. Everytime. All the time.
This extremely useful app works on iOS. If you are planning to go to Norway to see fjords one day this is definitely an app you can’t go without. Do not pass by! This little pocket guide can be of great help plus it will definitely assist you learning more and broadening the horizons.
Abacus Pay.
Leave all the complex and time-consuming procedures in the past. This app will help take it easy. In all its meanings. Abacus Pay is a new operator in the Mobile Point of Sale market. The target audience is Sole Traders. The client provides mPOS payment devices and secure payment processing.
Working both on iOS and Android, Abacus Pay is the best and easiest way to reimburse your team, reconcile corporate credit cards, etc. It enables sole traders and small businesses to process card payments fast and in a most convenient way. It is absolutely worth a try.
Here we also can’t but mention another great product BioSphere.
This is a social networking platform app which helps users find each other nearby, exchange mails and send photos and videos. A great tool indeed for interacting with one another, finding friends and forming relationships. Working exclusively on iOS this app can turn everything upside down (positively connotated, of course) and change your life completely. And the good news is that at the moment the technologies (utilized to develop this app) will be used to track COVID spread.
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