March 16, 2021
Start-ups: Old story new
During these unprecedented times many start-ups are facing a big dilemma: How to survive and stay competitive, how to get funding from venture capitalists when everything is on hold and frozen? It is indeed very challenging and makes them even more vulnerable and severely exposed to outer negative factors. But some of them are thriving these days even when the world is literally falling apart.

At this time when the world got irreversibly reshaped as a result of COVID-19 outbreak, the start-ups which are mainly focused on biotechnologies, medical technologies are kicking into high gear. Among them the Swiss ones prevail. Switzerland nowadays is a real start-ups haven for many reasons. With good general conditions and a high quality of life the Swiss attract the best mind in the world. And this all creates a perfect ecosystem for bringing big ideas to life.

And first, a big shoutout to Swiss biotechnology startups.. This is indeed something that needs to be mentioned. Let’s take a look at the Swiss startup CUTISS AG. What they are doing is indeed a breakthrough. CUTISS grows human skin in the lab for patients that suffer from skin defects (e.g. burns). CUTISS bio-engineers individually customized human skin starting off from a very small piece of a patient’s skin. Because CUTISS’ skin closely resembles human skin, minimal scarring occurs after surgery. CUTISS’ revolutionary approach is out of any competition at the market.

ARARIS BIOTECH AG. Araris Biotech AG is a spin-off company from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and ETH Zurich focusing on the commercialization of a novel antibody-drug conjugate (ADC)-linker technology. Araris’ innovative platform allows for the attachment of any payload to “off the shelf” antibodies without the need of prior antibody engineering in one-step. Absolutely. Amazing. Indeed.
Even during the coronavirus crisis when the COVID seems to be the only disease that is hard to manage, there are still others which need to be managed, treated, cured.

HAYA THERAPEUTICS AG brings heart diseases treatment to the next level.
HAYA Therapeutics is dedicated to treating heart failure through the discovery and development of innovative first-in-class RNA-based therapeutics, with a specific focus on long noncoding RNAs. And this is indeed a breakthrough.
When the world reminds of the card house which is falling apart, these scientific achievements can make our planet a better place.

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