May 19, 2021
Technical solutions  for the post-COVID-19 era tourism
Tourism was one of the most booming and lucrative and very high demand industries. Everything changed tremendously recently, and we now live in a completely different world, a kind of new world order.
Businesses must adjust to a new post-COVID-19 environment and make considerable (even aggressive) efforts to stay afloat.
Fortunately, never-ending technological developments can make the hard pill a little less bitter. New technologies have helped systems in conforming to a new changed reality, allowing them to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix.

Touchless technologies
Now, it appears that touchscreen services have been adopted (due to COVID-19), which can strengthen and assure greater safety and control when travelling. Contactless solutions that prioritise safety, such as hands-free door unlock, automated door openers, hands-free video conferencing, virtual visitor cards, are among them.
Metix, a powerful and empowering hands-free portable video-conferencing tool brings the best of Zoom video communications to more people, is one of the pioneers in this space.

Tour management platforms
The Tourism industry was completely decimated by the pandemic. Today , travel businesses are cautiously restarting operations, attempting to swiftly react to and satisfy rising demand. A number of innovative tour management tools have recently emerged, adding to our convenience. Consider the Triptile platform.
When it comes to Triptile is a very engaging platform perfect for discovering new places, activities, and booking possibilities. It is primarily designed to connect two different objectives: organising a trip with a tour operator and arranging a vacation on your own, giving clients more flexibility.

IoT and Big Data solutions
IoT and Big Data solutions, in our opinion, are driving forces and major sources of data for the travel industry. These systems help detect and anticipate movement, measure temperature, automate security checks, provide sanitation control in public spaces, thus reducing the danger of new infectious disease outbreaks.
The Libelium-Aridea Fever Screening Kit is a no-touch, portable device for fever screening. Simply position one’s forehead five inches from the sensor, and the microcontroller, using infrared technology, takes three separate temperature measurements and compares them to safe temperature ranges. This innovative will definitely catapult the tourism sector to new heights.
Tourism appears to be adjusting to the new (sometimes unfavourable) conditions with verve. It has undergone considerable changes in order to stay afloat independent of external circumstances. As it turned out, the majority of them were positive. As a result of the developments, new, high-tech technologies and creative techniques have been adopted. And isn’t this hugely beneficial?
We are super excited to return to normalcy. We’re open to new ideas and eager to contribute to innovations and the development of new goods that will make life easier and more convenient.

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