April 1, 2021
The UK digital transformation
We have already covered the term “digital transformation” in our earlier post. Yes, it is indeed a very frequently cited word these days. It does give the companies a major boost, this is an ability of a business to adapt to the world where the digital part is of great significance as well as any physical interaction.

Global events stirred up companies performance and plans causing many countries feel
vulnerable and susceptible to stress. The UK is not an exception. According to the statistics, the UK market is experiencing a major pressure for rapid changes as well as other countries that are induced by factors such as Brexit, coronavirus negative aftermath, etc.

For example, the post-Brexit era brought changes. Big-scale changes.
Even considering all the changes occurred during this period, the UK is undoubtedly one of the world’s top ten economies and the third largest in Europe after Germany and France. Global events reshaped the market, changed the business approach and gave way to tech trends for digital transformation. And as the statistics shows more and more companies in the UK are embarking on the digital transformation journey.

Let’s have a look at some of the major trends which are a driven force for digital transformation in the UK. It comprises:
COVID-19 cloud adoption. A lot of companies have started prioritising security over anything else as COVID-19 impact and forced remote work brought on some serious changes and did make reconsider the entire framework. The positive note here is that the pandemic played the role of a powerful accelerator of a fast-growing remote work trend, which, in turn, created the basis for major investments in cloud solutions. And this is a good thing, isn’t it? Surprisingly, the demand for cloud solutions grows every day. The recent reports show the growing demand for public cloud service which would help to support and smooth out the ongoing shift to remote working. The cloud solutions are seen as a big hope as cloud services help automate work and business processes that need to fit in remote-work scenarios.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is still setting the tone as the UK has always been the pioneers in AI advanced technologies. Even with Brexit causing the series of reshuffles, COVID-19 truly devastating and destructive impact, AI still paces up and keeps up with the time (even admitting that the transition itself was brutal and painful sometimes). The UK is investing less in AI technologies compared to the US, for example, but nevertheless remains the leader in this field.The important thing is that there is AI governance research at the key UK universities that can ensure positive outcomes for AI projects.
Internet of Things (IoT) is the fastest, exponentially growing trend in the present-day UK. All earlier mentioned factors turned out to be also the positive triggers that sped up the adoption of the Internet of Things. As a result it is becoming increasingly common in the UK. And not only in the UK. IoT is becoming extremely vital for the Post-COVID era.
It is said that the IoT growth and advancements greatly contribute to post COVID relief. Some IoT solutions that were launched in relation to COVID-19 will remain important. For instance, a giant Vodafone emphasized the importance and the impact of IoT on businesses during COVID-19 pandemic. According to the statistics, 77 % of adoptions are indeed accelerating new projects. As a result Vodafone launched a number of COVID-19 related IoT services.

The times are never the same. Everything keeps changing and changing. But we need to learn to cultivate important qualities which are essential for going through difficult times. We need to learn to adapt to various conditions and never look back as the best is yet to come.

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